everything is wonderful

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why cant more people realize this?

this spoke to me

Mothafuckin PREACH


we’re getting there

come on arizona we’ve got you surrounded



This needs more notes

You. Guys. I am seriously crying right now. I just checked my grades and I was expecting to seriously have a D in everything I HAVE ALL A’s AND B’s AND I DONT KNOW HOW THATS POSSIBLE??? And I just wow I was so stressed about this and I actually can’t even believe this and everything is working out. I am so fucking proud of myself right now, this has to be some type of miracle. I just can’t even believe this fucking oh my god I am so happy right now thank you thank you thank you

Student:  sneezes
Teacher:  hold up let me FRICKING D E S T R O Y your test
Anonymous asked: for the giveaway, do multiple reblogs count as multiple entries?


Father:  Say papa!
Baby:  P-p-p
Father:  C'mon say papa!
Baby:  P-p-p-positive reinforcement is dehumanizing

baby:  d-d-d-d
father:  say dada! say dada!
baby:  dada!
father:  i will not praise you because that is behavioral conditioning and undermines your free will


what I learned from PSAT:

  • bedazzle your opponent